Philippines Court Cases

Philippines Court Cases

ASI has been fighting for decades to end the illegal dog meat trade in the Philippines. We work closely with law enforcement agencies to track down the evil people who kidnap dogs for slaughter. During a police raid on a dog meat trader’s secret “stash,” officers discovered kidnapped dogs being held for slaughter in a […]

The World’s Most Trafficked Animal Is on the Verge of Extinction

The World’s Most Trafficked Animal Is on the Verge of Extinction

Pangolins are under threat. Their extinction is imminent and once again it’s all thanks to mankind. More than one million pangolins have been poached or trafficked in the last decade alone and this lucrative business is thriving. In some parts of the world pangolins are beaten and suffocated with smoke, then boiled alive. Some restaurants […]



Pangolins are on the verge of extinction. Most people don’t even know what a pangolin is – nor that this shy, nocturnal creature is the most trafficked and hunted animal in the world. Their situation is so serious we really need your help to stop them being wiped out. Pangolins, also known as scaly anteaters, […]

Looming Brexit Could Be a Disaster for Animals

Looming Brexit Could Be a Disaster for Animals

The Animal Survival International (formerly Political Animal Lobby) is deeply concerned that the chaos surrounding Brexit is very bad indeed for animals. 80 percent of current animal welfare legislation comes from EU law. If the UK leaves Europe on October 31, as planned by the Conservative government, UK animal welfare may well suffer enormous setbacks. […]

Botswana’s Elephants: Myths vs Facts


In the final analysis, the southern African countries represented at the Kasane Conference appear intent on moving against science and cogent argument.

UK Introduces Strict Ban on Sale of Ivory

Ivory Sales

The number of elephants living in the wild has declined by almost a third in the last decade and around 20,000 elephants a year are being slaughtered due to the global demand for ivory.

Singapore Seeks a Ban on Ivory Sales

Ivory Sales

If the ban is passed, it means individuals and local businesses will no longer be able to sell or buy any form of elephant ivory in Singapore.

Sniffer Dogs Prove Their Worth in Rhino Poaching Crisis

Sniffer Dogs

Network for Animals supports seven of the 54 sniffer dogs that work for the Kruger National Park’s canine unit. The dogs and the brave men who work with them, hunt down poachers in the huge nature reserve, which is larger than the country of Wales.

Tories Expand Cruel and Pointless Badger Cull

Badger Cull

It’s clear that neither scientific reasoning nor constant pressure from animal lovers will end the horror of the badger cull. Only a change in government will stop the madness.

Is Zimbabwe Exporting Rhinos to China?


Most recently, it was reported that 31 young elephants captured in the Hwange National Park in January this year, were to be exported – probably to China.

Elephant Massacre in Botswana

Botswana Hunting

The bodies of 87 elephants, most with their tusks chopped off, were discovered by a non-governmental organisation, Elephants without Borders, which was conducting a routine elephant census along the Botswana border.

Is the Tide Turning for Elephants?

Elephant Ivory

The work done by Network for Animals and its supporters comes at an important time for elephants − a time when the tide appears to be turning against the trade in ivory.

Canned Lion Hunting

Lion Hunting

This Zapiro cartoon in the Daily Maverick captures the essence of South Africa’s shameful canned lion hunting industry that places cash before conservation.