Animal Survival International

Animal Survival International (ASI) works to help animals around the world who are threatened and suffering because of climate change, habitat destruction, wildlife crime, poor legislation and inadequate international law enforcement. 

About us

A staggering number of endangered animal species are facing extinction because of relentless man-made impacts. Earth’s biodiversity is rapidly being destroyed, with devastating consequences. 

Unless we act immediately, decisively and compassionately, not only will our most beloved animal icons, such as lions and elephants be footnotes in history books, but so will countless lesser-known species such as pangolins, frogs, and billions of marine creatures. 

ASI supports scientific research, helps implement wildlife conservation projects and raises awareness around important issues impacting ecosystems.  We respond immediately to crises that threaten animals. We work to hold those in power accountable for actions harmful to the environment, calling them out when policies are weak, and legislation is not enforced. 

We provide practical help whenever possible to restore habitats and provide safe havens. Our supporters help us raise public awareness, spread the facts and communicate the urgency of action needed to save millions of animal species and the environments on which they depend.

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