Animal Survival International

Animal Survival International (ASI) works to help wildlife around the world whose survival is threatened by climate change, habitat destruction, the illegal wildlife trade, poor legislation and inadequate law enforcement.

About us

A staggering number of endangered wildlife species face extinction because of relentless human impacts. Earth’s biodiversity is rapidly being destroyed, with devastating consequences. 

Unless we act immediately and collectively, treasured animal icons like lions and elephants will be relegated to history books. But so will countless lesser-known species like pangolins, frogs, and billions of marine creatures. Biodiversity – the wondrous array of plants, animals and intricate ecosystems of our planet – are the Earth’s life support system. They ensure we have food to eat, a stable climate, clean air to breathe and water to drink, and medicines to heal us. If we destroy these ecosystems, we destroy our planet’s very lifeblood.

ASI responds immediately to crises that threaten ecosystems and wildlife survival. We work to hold those in power accountable for actions harmful to the environment, calling them out when policies are weak and legislation is not enforced. We support scientific research, help implement wildlife conservation projects, and raise awareness around critical issues impacting ecosystems.

We provide practical help whenever possible to restore habitats and provide safe havens. Our supporters help us raise public awareness, share facts and communicate the urgency of the action needed to save millions of animal species and the environments on which they depend.

Please help animals

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