How we helped animals in August 2023

Substantial portions of our planet are becoming uninhabitable for wild species. Pollution, poaching, disasters driven by human activity and climate change pose significant threats to delicate ecosystems and the animals which depend on them. Our work – made possible by donations – aims to provide direct aid to wildlife in mortal danger largely because of humans.

Here is how our supporters’ donations helped us save lives in August.

South Africa 

Protecting Cape fur seals from brutal human attacks

Cape fur seals are becoming increasingly vulnerable in the face of commercial fishing, climate change and, horrifically, human brutality. In August, we told you that the carcasses of six Cape fur seals had washed ashore at a popular beach in Cape Town, with stab wounds that had pierced their hearts, lungs, or other major organs. A little while earlier, a seal had been skinned, and in January, four people had been arrested for stoning a seal to death. The animals’ parts are used in fake “traditional medicines” and they are also killed by fishermen under the mistaken impression that they are “competing” with seals for fish.

We are working with conservation organization Sea Search to help protect Cape fur seals from the daily onslaught they face. We appealed for your support and your donations are being used to fund vital conservation initiatives, investigations into seal deaths, and to bring guilty parties to justice. Thank you for caring about vulnerable Cape fur seals.

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Credit: David Vaynor Evans

South Africa 

Fitting life-saving anti-poaching tracking devices to the elephants of Addo Elephant National Park (AENP)

Every year, tens of thousands of African elephants are killed for their ivory tusks, which are used for trinkets and ornaments. This out-of-control slaughter means the species faces the urgent threat of extinction and could be entirely gone from the wild within the next seven years.

A few months ago, we fitted advanced AI-enabled tracking devices to a herd of elephants living near a poaching hotspot at our partner reserve, AENP. These tracking devices track the animals’ every move and even their vital signs, and send an alert to the anti-poaching team the moment anything is out of the ordinary. This means would-be poachers can be intercepted FAST and the animals protected. We reached out to you to help us fit some of the remaining 600 with tracking devices, and you contributed towards this vital, life-saving project for elephants.

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Credit: ASI/Vic Dobry

South Africa 

Supporting lions rescued from the cruel big-cat breeding trade

There are over 300 captive lion breeding facilities in South Africa, but as of August, there was one less: our partner, the Lions Foundation, bought one of these facilities and immediately stopped all breeding and exploitative activities. But the saved animals – nine lions and one leopard – needed veterinary attention, treatment and food, and we reached out to you for help.

Your generous donations mean we can help feed and treat these rescued cats for an entire month, setting them on their long roads to recovery. They will be safe forever at the Lions Foundation sanctuary, where they will live lives as close to wild as possible.

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Credit: Lions Foundation


Our fight continues to free Ljubo – and a SECOND bear cub

In August, we learnt that the owner of caged bear Ljubo had acquired a six-month-old cub, which he claimed had been left on his doorstep. We immediately initiated urgent talks with local and international authorities to have the young animal removed from the illegal zoo, and we are positive that we will be successful.

Your continued support for tragic caged Ljubo is enabling us to continue the fight to free him and the new bear cub. The wheels of justice turn slowly in Montenegro, where a recent parliamentary election has further slowed bureaucratic processes, but we are making progress. Your donations have paid for large billboards in Podgorica, the capital, publicizing Ljubo’s daily suffering and encouraging people not to visit the zoo. Our lobbying has seen Ljubo moved to a larger enclosure – at least for some of the time – and meant that bear experts were finally able to assess the six-year-old animal. We will NOT stop fighting to free Ljubo and urge you to continue your support for this distressed animal.

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Raising funds for vital medical equipment for fragile flying foxes

Hunting and human activity are destroying flying fox populations across the island of Mahé in the Seychelles. These animals are orphaned when their mothers are caught for the pot, or injured when they fly into power lines. They battle a growing population for fruit – their primary source of food – and are often found exhausted, starving and helpless.

Our partner, Protect Paradise Seychelles (PPS), rescues these fragile winged animals and expertly nurses them back to health – but they urgently need an X-ray machine to be able to accurately diagnose and treat injuries.

Through your support, we have managed to raise a substantial portion of the $15,000 (almost £12,000). Thank you for supporting these important and largely misunderstood creatures.

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Credit: Protect Paradise


Racing to save wild animals from raging wildfires.

When the deadliest fire in over a century ripped through the Hawaiian island of Maui, we knew that animals would be in acute danger – particularly young, old and slow-moving creatures like tortoises.

Your support enabled us to rush urgent funds to assist rescue operations on the ground – teams battling the flames and smoke to rescue trapped, dehydrated and burnt animals. Thanks to you, countless animals who would otherwise have perished have been given a second chance. Thank you for your support in times of crisis, when we are ALWAYS on the ground to help animals in need.

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Credit: Smitherine

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Credit: BHAPU

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Credit: Dejan Radic

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Every donation, no matter the size, is critical to our mission: providing direct aid to animals who need us. Thank you to our donors for supporting another successful month of life-saving work.


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Caught in a snare, ‘Najam’ the lioness suffered horribly for FOUR DAYS. We can save wild animals from snares. <u><strong>Please, will you help us</u>?</strong>

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