Elephants, leopards and lions in snare nightmare.

Elephants, leopards and lions in snare nightmare.

Right now, wild animals in the ecologically important Lake Kariba region of Zimbabwe urgently need your help. This is why…

An increasing number of wild animals are being caught in deadly snares across the 9,320-square-mile (15,000-square-kilometer) region.

Snaring is one of the cruelest methods poachers use to kill wild animals.

Elephants, leopards and lions in snare nightmare.This lioness was lucky to survive after BHAPU intervened and removed a snare from its hind leg.

Credit: BHAPU

Our partner, Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Unit (BHAPU), tirelessly patrols the area, which has historically been a hotspot for wildlife crime. Since 2016, our team has entirely stamped out ivory poaching in Lake Kariba.

However, driven by the lucrative bushmeat trade, poachers are increasingly targeting the area, which is roughly the size of Connecticut or the whole of Northern Ireland. This gives you an idea of the vast area the team must regularly patrol to keep animals safe.

Please help our team to find stricken wild animals and save their lives before it’s too late!

Elephants, leopards and lions in snare nightmare.Credit: BHAPU

Often, animals caught in snares are never “collected” by poachers, which dooms them to a slow, agonizing death as they succumb to their injuries or starvation over days or weeks.

In fact, as you read this, it is likely there are animals trapped, terrified and in desperate need of saving right now – or they WILL die.

BHAPU runs regular snare sweeps to find and remove snares around the conservancy. Every snare removed means another animal saved from this atrocious suffering, but this is only possible with the continued financial support of animal-lovers like you.

Elephants, leopards and lions in snare nightmare.Credit: BHAPU

Our partner also constantly patrols to find animals in distress – and when the team comes across them, it works fast to sedate the animal, remove the snare and treat the wounds. Without this help, these animals would die.

Please donate now to fund emergency snare removal to help protect lions, elephants, leopards and countless more wild animals in Lake Kariba.

Our team is completely reliant on donations. Every day, we wake up worrying that our funds will run out, forcing us to stop our life-saving work. But the animals need us, and so few people really understand how important wild animals are to the environment or know how much they suffer when caught in snares.

Elephants, leopards and lions in snare nightmare.Credit: BHAPU

A crashing Zimbabwean economy means poaching is up and donations are down – there has NEVER been a more critical time to keep our team on the ground, saving wild animals who need it most.

Every $190 (roughly £150) we raise covers an extra snare patrol per day and the removal of approximately 15 snares – potentially saving FIFTEEN animals’ lives.

Elephants, leopards and lions in snare nightmare.Credit: BHAPU

Your donations will empower us to massively increase our efforts to save animals in distress – animals like Najam, who you helped us save from a horrific snare injury in 2022. Without your support, our team CANNOT save the lives of frightened, injured, helpless wild animals.

Elephants, leopards and lions in snare nightmare.Our team discovered this heart-wrenching scene on one of its regular patrols: A pregnant buffalo trapped in a wire snare aborted her baby before slowly succumbing to her injuries. 

Credit: BHAPU

Just think how terrified this mother buffalo must have been as she realized all hope was lost; as she fought frantically to save her baby; to spare the life growing in her womb. It is too horrific to contemplate, but we MUST face it because only TOGETHER can we prevent future tragedies like this.

Wild animals do NOT deserve to die slow, excruciating deaths in wire snares. Please, help us protect what is left of Zimbabwe’s natural heritage – we cannot wait another moment.

Can the animals count on your support today?

Because of your generous donations, our team has not lost a single elephant to poaching since 2016.

Elephants, leopards and lions in snare nightmare.Credit: BHAPU

We have to maintain this record and keep saving precious animal lives. We need your support right now.

Please, donate as much as you possibly can, and together, we can protect and save Zimbabwe’s precious, irreplaceable wild animals.

Saving animals and the planet,

General Manager
Animal Survival International

P.S. Beautiful, rare species are dying in snares in Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba. Your donation today will fund emergency snare removal and additional surveillance of the 9,320-square-mile (15,000-square-kilometer) region, to help remove snares, locate stricken animals, and save wildlife from agonizing death. Wild animals need you RIGHT NOW – please donate today.

Banner credit: Steve Edwards/CatersNews

Elephants, leopards and lions in snare nightmare.

Please help animals

Your donations help us do our vital work to protect and save animals around the world!