How we helped important wild animals in December 2023

As we embark on a new year of helping wild animals in crisis, we are grateful for everything our donors’ support enabled us to achieve in 2023. From bolstering rhino and elephant anti-poaching initiatives to giving hope to illegally and cruelly traded wildlife: everything we achieved for animals was through our donors’ generosity.

Here is how those donations enabled us to finish the year strong for endangered wildlife in need in December 2023.

Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park 

Securing a stable water supply for elephants affected by deadly drought

An enduring drought is killing elephants across Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The deadly combination of a woefully inadequate water supply and temperatures as high as 105.6°F (41°C) has elephants dropping dead. Water sources have dried up; many are now sticky mud, deadly for already fatigued elephants, too tired, weak, or young to free themselves.

The need for an effective solution was urgent, and we reached out to you. Thanks to our donors’ support, we can help our partner, Friends of Hwange, install solar-powered battery systems at water pumps across the park, that will work around the clock to keep water pans full and elephants hydrated and safe. Thank you for caring about Africa’s endangered elephants.

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Credit: Friends of Hwange

Southern Africa, Hoedspruit 

Treating a rhino poaching survivor at risk of deadly infection

Ike, when he was just a few years’ old, was horrifically injured when poachers tried to kill him for his horn. He pulled through, but a new danger threatened his survival: a raging infection in his horn bed.

Our partners, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) and Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD) knew Ike needed swift intervention and reached out to us for help – and we immediately alerted our supporters.

Our supporters know that every rhino life counts in the face of Africa’s horrendous poaching crisis, and through their swift response to Ike’s plight, we were able to fund the treatment and get Ike the urgent, emergency care he needed. Thank you for helping to save a precious rhino life.

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Credit: HERD

Australia, West and East Coast 

Rushing emergency support to wild animals affected by wildfires

In late November, horrendous wildfires tore through regions along Australia’s western and eastern coasts, killing animals and destroying their habitats. People fled, but dedicated animal rescue teams remained on the ground, braving smoke and flames to get to animals in critical need.

We partnered with Express Wildlife Rescue and Rehab, who worked relentlessly to save animals in trouble. Through our supporters’ help, we were able to help them cover veterinary expenses and supplies to rush treatment to animals injured by the fires. Thank you for being there for wild animals during their greatest time of need.

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Credit: Express Animal Rescue and Rehab

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Every time we help, it is thanks to the generosity of our donors. With your continued support in 2024, we will continue to extend a lifeline to wild animals in need around the world.

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