Wildfire emergency for animals in Australia!

Wildfire emergency for animals in Australia!

Matty, a joey of just a few months old, has lost his entire family in horrendous wildfires sweeping parts of Australia.

Wildfire emergency for animals in Australia!Credit: Express Animal Rescue and Rehab

His feet, hands, and belly were badly burnt. He is the sole survivor of a troop of roughly 80 kangaroos who were trapped and burnt to death in the blazes currently obliterating parts of the country.

Matty is just one example of the thousands of wild animals left injured, homeless, and traumatized as Australia’s fire season has begun, fuelled by the warmest winter on record and an unseasonably warm, dry spring.

Fires have destroyed thousands of acres of land and homes along the west and east coasts of the country, people have been evacuated, and thousands of wild animals have had their homes destroyed.

Wildfire emergency for animals in Australia!

Orphaned, injured and alone, these animals are counting on you today…

Thousands of kangaroos, joeys, owls, magpies, and reptiles like bobtail lizards are injured and in need of critical life-saving treatment.

Please help them now!

Firefighters and law enforcement officials have their hands full trying to evacuate people to safety. Kind policemen saved Matty from the flames, but as you can imagine, animals are often not the priority when human lives are at stake.

Wildfire emergency for animals in Australia!Credit: DFES

The damage out here is shocking. So much lost. The heat is mad without the temperature [of] the day on top. Think of the people that [sic] have lost everything. The animals that have lost [their] lives and the animals still out there in pain.” – Express Wildlife Rescue and Rehab

Our partner is on the ground right now, and providing critical treatment to animals burnt, injured, and displaced by Australia’s devastating wildfires.

They desperately need YOUR support.

Wildfire emergency for animals in Australia!

Tragically, helpless wild animals, including infants, have been terribly injured and traumatized in the disaster. Some have been horrifically burnt after becoming trapped amid the blaze; others have been severely damaged through smoke inhalation.

We are working with a courageous organization on the ground in Western Australia called Express Wildlife Rescue and Rehab based in Henley Brook.

Wildfire emergency for animals in Australia!

They are critically low on supplies as the number of animals in need continues to soar, and right now, are in urgent need of essential veterinary supplies and equipment, which you have the power to help us provide.

Australia’s fires are a tragedy for animals who cannot flee like people can and who, in times of disaster, are often overlooked.

Only with your support right now can we race to the aid of Australia’s trapped, injured, burnt animals.

Please help NOW!

As a loyal supporter of our work, you know that we are ALWAYS there for animals in their darkest hour…

… You also know that it is ONLY with your generous support that we can rush emergency aid to them.

Animal rescue teams are supporting as many helpless wild animals as they can.

They are desperate for food for the animals, transport crates, and funds for crucial veterinary care.

The number of animals in need continues to climb, and our partners cannot rescue more without the resources to do so.

The survivors, covered with burns or with severe respiratory complications due to smoke inhalation, need emergency veterinary care and long-term rehabilitation.

These animals have fought relentlessly to survive… we must honor their battles and will to live by doing everything we possibly can to support their recovery

Wildfire emergency for animals in Australia!Credit: Express Animal Rescue and Rehab

Your donation will be used to purchase food, transport crates, and life-saving veterinary supplies. Many animal victims are hanging by a thread right now. Your donation will quite literally be helping to save animal lives – animals like little orphaned Matty and other burnt kangaroos and exhausted, singed birds and reptiles.

Please, we cannot save these precious lives without your support now – so please donate anything you possibly can right away.

Your decision to donate is the decision to save animal lives!

Saving animals and the planet,
Caught in a snare, ‘Najam’ the lioness suffered horribly for FOUR DAYS. We can save wild animals from snares. <u><strong>Please, will you help us</u>?</strong>

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P.S. This is only the start of “wildfire season” – it has begun early and is expected to be one of the worst in Australia’s history. Many wild animals are already in need of emergency care, and many more are sure to need it. The more we can raise, the more animals we can save. But, without your support, we cannot provide the life-saving veterinary care and resources that Australia’s suffering wild animals DESPERATELY need right now. Please donate as generously as you can right now.

Banner credit: City of Wanneroo

Wildfire emergency for animals in Australia!

Please help animals

Your donations help us do our vital work to protect and save animals around the world!