Rhino poaching survivor needs your help!

Rhino poaching survivor needs your help!

When Ike was just a few years old, he was spotted wandering the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa with both his horns viciously hacked off.

Rhino poaching survivor needs your help!Credit: HERD

The park’s anti-poaching team raced to his rescue, and as they approached the young white rhino bull, they saw he had also been slashed across his back with a panga – a machete-like blade used in Africa to stab, hack and kill.

It was clear he had been savagely attacked by poachers who left him for dead – but they had not counted on Ike’s tremendous will to survive.

Can you imagine the terror and trauma this tragic young rhino must have experienced as poachers relentlessly hacked at his body while he was still alive?

Rhino poaching survivor needs your help!Credit: HERD

With his horn bed severely damaged and his back chopped up, Ike needed life-saving care.

He was rescued and treated by expert wildlife vets and our partners, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) and Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD), and named him “Ikanyega” – meaning “trust” in Setswana.

During his protracted treatment and recovery, a remaining piece of horn began to grow rapidly. The team decided to surgically remove the stub to prevent another attack by poachers.

Although Ike had been recovering well, things have NOW taken a turn for the worse…

Rhino poaching survivor needs your help!Credit: HERD

A few weeks ago, on their routine rounds, our partners noticed that an area of horn that is regrowing has become infected. It is likely that Ike incurred a run-of-the-mill injury, but because the horn site is already compromised, a raging infection has developed, attracting flies.

Flies, seeking out cool, moist respite from the African heat, lay eggs in wounds like these, which means Ike is in serious trouble: the eggs will hatch, and the resultant maggots will begin to eat away at Ike’s infected horn area. HERD needs to treat the area, and they must do it FAST.

Ike faces a FRESH, painful hurdle after his long road to recovery: an infected horn bed on the verge of becoming infested with maggots!

Rhino poaching survivor needs your help!Credit: HERD

Please help us rush treatment for his wound right away!

Ike is just one victim of a poaching crisis that threatens all five rhino species around the world.

The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) lists the white rhino as near threatened and decreasing, with less than 17,000 left in the African wild.

Rhinos have been relentlessly slaughtered for the illegal wildlife trade, as their horns are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are also considered aphrodisiacs and symbols of status and wealth.

Rhino poaching survivor needs your help!Credit: Daily-Maverick

Our partners work tirelessly to help protect the species, which is why they opted to remove Ike’s horn regrowth. Every individual is critical to the species, and that is why we MUST rush our support to Ike right away.

Rhino poaching survivor needs your help!Credit: HERD

Ike has suffered immensely in his short life. Butchered for his rhino horns and left for dead, he overcame the odds to survive, only to face death again.

With your support right now, we will be able to cover the costs of Ike’s emergency treatment and monitor him closely as he recovers.

This brave animal has survived a horrific poaching attempt to have a second chance at life – please, don’t allow this infection to rob him of that!

If we can raise $5,000 (around £3,950), we can cover the cost of Ike’s expert treatment by a team of experienced wildlife vets, as well as veterinary medication and supplies to treat the infection. Our team will monitor him closely over the coming weeks and ensure that he is fit and healthy to rejoin his herd in their safe, protected area.

Rhino poaching survivor needs your help!Credit: Getty

Can Ike count on you today? People have shown him the very worst of humanity – now, we have the chance to show him the best. Please donate as much as you possibly can right away, and together, we can give Ike the happy future he deserves.

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P.S. Ike was butchered for his horns and left for dead! Donate right away and help us save the life of this young white rhino – every rhino counts in the face of Africa’s horrendous poaching crisis.

Rhino poaching survivor needs your help!

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