How We Are Helping: October 2021

The world’s wildlife is in peril. Threats to the animals’ survival come in many forms – the destruction of wild habitats, climate change, illegal trade, legal hunting and even sanctioned slaughter by the people charged with their protection. But thanks to the commitment and generosity of our supporters, Animal Survival International (ASI) fights back on behalf of the animals.

Once again, your help is visible in the work we’ve done this month. Whether it’s saving wild animals from needless slaughter, rushing life-saving funds to nurse a pregnant pangolin back to health or taking a stand against the powers behind the culling of the United Kingdom’s (UK) badgers, our successes are thanks to your generosity.

See how your donations have made a difference this month:


South Africa

Emergency Wildlife Rescue

In South Africa’s Plettenberg Bay, 64 wild animals were offered up to hunters in order to clear the land for commercial farming. Our partner on the ground there, the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, intervened just in time and secured a short reprieve for the animals.

ASI joined the fight against this unthinkable massacre and appealed to you, our supporters, to help get these animals to the safety of nearby reserves that offered to take them in. You responded generously, and despite hiccups along the way, we were able to secure the funds needed to move the animals in the nick of time! Right now, the ASI team is on the ground with expert veterinarians, game capture teams and specialized trucks preparing the animals for their journey to a beautiful and vast new home where they can live out their lives in peace and tranquility.


The United Kingdom

Taking a Stand Against the Cruel and Ineffective Badger Cull

In the UK, a futile bid to control the spread of bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) in cattle has led to the slaughter of almost a third of the UK’s badger population. New cull licenses issued will now see the cruel and pointless deaths of up to 160,000 more of these creatures, who are a protected species under numerous laws in the UK.

Despite irrefutable evidence that the cull does not work, it continues to take place, largely because a powerful group of cattle farmers believe quite wrongly that wiping out badgers would wipe out the disease. What is truly bizarre is that this cruel and pointless cull is supported by the UK’s top veterinary body, the British Veterinary Association (BVA)! Despite the organization’s having a clause saying “… ABOVE ALL, my constant endeavour will be to ensure the health and welfare of animals committed to my care.", it continues to support the cull. ASI will not stand for this cruel and ineffective strategy to continue and will continue our fight to end the badger cull.


South Africa

Pregnant Pangolin Rescued from Traffickers

A successful undercover operation in South Africa rescued a terribly emaciated female pangolin in early October. Our partner, the Umoya Khulula Wildlife Centre, described her as being in the worst state they had ever seen in a pangolin. She was rushed to a veterinary hospital for assessment and emergency treatment only to discover that she is pregnant! Miraculously, despite the horrific stress, wounds and starvation she endured at the hands of her captors, she had not lost the baby.

Against all odds and thanks largely to the generous support of our donors, the pangolin mother-to-be, who has been named Lily, made it through the first few weeks. It was touch-and-go many times, but this incredible creature has shown us that she is determined to survive and have her baby. We will keep you posted on her progress.


South Africa

A Happy Ending: Venus the Aardvark Returns to the Wild

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Venus, an aardvark who had been hit by a car and suffered horrific injuries. She was in urgent need of costly medications and specialized food. Thanks to your support and the expertise of the Umoya Khulula Wildlife Centre, Venus got the help she so desperately needed and made a remarkable recovery!

These creatures remain a mystery to researchers. So little is understood about their habits or their biology that this was a rare and fascinating opportunity to learn more about them. As Venus regained her strength, her behavior began to change erratically. The team was wracked with worry until they discovered that she is pregnant! We sprang into action to secure her release as soon as she was healed, and earlier this month, she made the journey to her new home where she and her baby will be safe.

Thank you again to every one of our supporters who donated to make these successes possible.


From The News Desk:

At ASI, we are not only committed to making a difference to animals on the ground, but we also strive to stay abreast with the latest news so we can keep you informed on the most important issues surrounding animals today.


African Elephants Evolving Towards Tusklessness, New Study Finds

A recent study on African elephant genetics has found that the species is evolving towards tusklessness in areas where ivory poaching has been rampant. This is according to research published this month in Science and based on findings observed in the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. Read more…


50% of Badger Population in the UK to be Wiped Out by 2026 Made for a Somber National Badger Day

October 6th was National Badger Day in the United Kingdom (UK). Usually, this would have been a day to celebrate one of Britain’s most iconic animals, but this year, the celebration was marred by the recent announcement that the controversial badger culls are set to expand to seven additional counties. Up to 75,000 badgers could be killed this year, bringing the cull’s total death toll to roughly 200,000 – almost half the UK’s badger population. Read more…

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