How we helped wild animals in January

A new year means new opportunities to help preserve and protect our planet’s precious wildlife. It must be stressed that it is not all doom and gloom. While fires, floods, rising temperatures and human-driven destruction dominated headlines in 2023, our supporters’ help made a real, tangible difference.

Any time you donate, every time you share, you make a positive impact on wild animals and ecosystems. From helping to support sustainable, climate-mitigating energy sources, to providing treatment to wildlife - sometimes one animal at a time - your support counts. Your commitment to, and investment in, our global wildlife causes makes a difference.

Here is how our supporters’ donations made an impact in January.

Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park 

Preparing a drought-ravaged national park for the return of thirsty elephants

In January, we let our supporters know that elephants struggling through a terrible drought in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe had temporarily moved into Botswana and other parts of the park. However, they are set to return from their annual migration in a few months’ time – and the water pans MUST be ready for them, or the elephants will have no water. We reached out to our supporters for help in raising funds for solar-powered battery systems to power pumps, which are used to bring underground water to the surface for the wild animals.

Our supporters responded generously, and we have been able to fund one solar-powered system, at a cost of $12,500 (approximately £9,800), which will pump water 24-hours-a-day. The park will ultimately need 10 of these solar powered batteries over the next few years, and we are committed to continuing our fundraising efforts for them. Thank you for caring about suffering elephants in Southern Africa.

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Southern Africa, KwaZulu-Natal  

Enlarging space at a critical wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary

In South Africa, hundreds of thousands of indigenous wild animals are poached annually to feed demand for their body parts, as well as the illegal pet trade. Over the past five years, the number of rescued wild creatures – like jackals, servals, caracals, and bushbabies – admitted to our partner sanctuary, FreeMe Wildlife (FMW), has doubled.

The life-saving rehabilitation facility was at full capacity and facing the prospect of having to turn animals away. They were desperate for help and turned to us – and we turned to our supporters. Through the generosity of our donors, we have been able to contribute towards additional wildlife enclosures for injured, orphaned, traumatized animals rescued by FMW, giving a second chance to those who would have nowhere else to turn. Thank you for your compassion for wild animals, from the smallest to the greatest.

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Credit: FreeMe Wildlife

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Credit: FreeMe Wildlife

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Every time we help, it is thanks to the generosity of our donors. With your continued support next month and beyond, we will continue to extend a lifeline to wild animals in need around the world.

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