Illegal wildlife trade survivors need YOU!

Illegal wildlife trade survivors need YOU!

In South Africa, hundreds of thousands of indigenous wild animals are brutally slaughtered each year to feed the insatiable demand for their flesh, fur, teeth and bones.

Illegal wildlife trade survivors need YOU!Jackals are a threatened species due to hunting, habitat loss and agriculture.

Credit: FreeMe Wildlife

Bushbabies, black-backed jackals, servals and caracals are some of the vulnerable species at the mercy of the despicable illegal wildlife trade. The animals are stolen from the wild and sold as exotic pets or ruthlessly slaughtered and dismembered for their body parts, to use in ritualistic magic and traditional medicine.

Can you imagine the sheer terror of these poor animals (many of them babies), torn from their natural habitats and condemned to a life of captivity, or worse, subjected to savage slaughter for their body parts?

Illegal wildlife trade survivors need YOU!A burnt genet undergoes treatment.

Credit: FreeMe Wildlife

We cannot comprehend such cruelty – but rest assured that we are helping to save as many of these tortured creatures as we possibly can from the clutches of cold-blooded criminals.

Together with our partner, FreeMe Wildlife (FMW) in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, we are on the frontline of the fight to rescue scores of threatened wildlife species from cruel and brutal persecution for the illegal wildlife trade.

Illegal wildlife trade survivors need YOU!Credit: FreeMe Wildlife

FMW works alongside the local authorities to confiscate animals from wildlife traffickers and provides around-the-clock, long-term care to rehabilitate them before they are ready to be released into safe, protected wild areas.

Our team plays a critical role in safeguarding wildlife. But the animals we care for desperately need your support today.

Illegal wildlife trade survivors need YOU!Genets are among the many animals our partner takes in.

Credit: FreeMe Wildlife

In the past five years, the number of rescued wild creatures admitted to FMW has DOUBLED. The life-saving rehabilitation facility is now at FULL CAPACITY and faces the heartbreaking prospect of having to turn away animals in need.

We must not let this happen. Thousands of vulnerable and injured wild animals need help and we ask you make a donation to care for them until they can return to the wild.

…Animals like Obi (‘Heart’), Jamba (‘Celebrate’) and Dumi (‘Inspire’) – three orphaned three-month-old black-backed jackal pups rescued after their mother was killed. Alone and defenseless, the pups had been saved from ruthless slaughter for their fur.

Illegal wildlife trade survivors need YOU!Credit: FreeMe Wildlife

The jackal pups are LUCKY to be alive. Without our rescue team, they would be dead!

Obi, Jamba and Dumi are just a few of the countless wild animals FMW saves from the illegal trade: around 100 animals are rescued by our partner every month and they have to care for them for a year before they can be released in the wild.

Illegal wildlife trade survivors need YOU!Credit: FreeMe Wildlife

The animals need more space at the haven. If we can raise $7,600 (around £6,000), we will construct additional enclosures for orphaned, injured and traumatized bushbabies, jackals, servals and caracals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Please donate now!

We really need your help to save as many animals as possible. Most require months of specialized care and rehabilitation before being released. By building more enclosures that closely mirror natural habitats, we will ensure rescued wildlife receive the best possible care they need to survive, heal and thrive in the wild once more.

Illegal wildlife trade survivors need YOU!Credit: FreeMe Wildlife

Please, will you help provide safe spaces and critical care for rescued wild animals who desperately need our support?

They stand little chance of survival without YOU, so please donate as generously as you possibly can now.

Saving animals and the planet,

Caught in a snare, ‘Najam’ the lioness suffered horribly for FOUR DAYS. We can save wild animals from snares. <u><strong>Please, will you help us</u>?</strong>

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P.S. Wildlife populations across Africa are being obliterated by human activity, primarily poaching for the insatiable illegal wildlife trade. Your generosity will give rescued wildlife the gift of a second chance at life. Please donate now!

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Illegal wildlife trade survivors need YOU!

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