Critical pangolin sanctuary UNDER WATER.

Critical pangolin sanctuary UNDER WATER.

This is an URGENT PLEA FOR HELP for pangolins!

Last week, our partner in Lagos, Nigeria, was flooded by freak torrential rains that swept through the sanctuary, completely wrecking it. We have been appealing for your help in rebuilding this sanctuary for critically endangered and vulnerable animals, including infant pangolins and their mothers rescued from the brutalities of the country’s meat trade.

Please, these animals could really use your help right now.

Critical pangolin sanctuary UNDER WATER.Credit: GWCI 

We MUST rebuild, for all the wild animals in desperate need.

We are heartbroken to tell you that not all the animals at the sanctuary survived the flooding, which also swept through major parts of the city and is expected to continue for several more days. Parts of Lagos are submerged, and countless properties have been destroyed.

Birds, hedgehogs and tortoises are among the helpless victims of the tragedy. Fragile, critically endangered pangolins have lost their shelter – animals who depend on it for their survival, and for whom any little amount of stress can be lethal to their recovery.

Extreme and unexpected weather conditions have battered countries around the world this year, and Nigeria is the latest to experience deadly weather. Our partner, Greenfingers Wildlife Conservation Initiative (GWCI), was not prepared for this freak flood, its shelters not strong enough to withstand the scale of the disaster.

Critical pangolin sanctuary UNDER WATER.Credit: GWCI 

Animals affected by the flood need your help to get emergency provisions as fast as possiblefood, clean drinking water and temporary shelter – as well as supplies for repairing and rebuilding the sanctuary. The rebuild will use stronger, reinforced materials installed by experts so that a disaster of this kind cannot happen again.

Saved from abuse, torture and agony, Nigeria’s rescued wild animals NEED YOU NOW. Help give them back their SAFE home.

Most of the animals at the GWCI sanctuary have survived unthinkable brutality and misery in their lives. They are subjected to horrific violence, right from the time they are stolen from the wild as pregnant mothers or infants, and then strung up (often alive) in meat markets, killed for their body parts, or traded as pets.

Critical pangolin sanctuary UNDER WATER.Credit: GWCI 

Those who miraculously survive and are rescued by our partner usually require lengthy veterinary care and rehabilitation. Many will never live normal lives again and the GWCI is the only home they will ever have.

We MUST send emergency supplies to the displaced wild animals and rebuild the sanctuary as FAST as possible!

Please donate right away.

The full extent of the damage can only be properly assessed once the water levels begin to drop. Right now, it is as deep as 24 inches (61 cm) in some places. But we already know that we MUST rebuild – and rebuild we will.

Critical pangolin sanctuary UNDER WATER.Credit: AP

The animals need our help RIGHT AWAY, so please, donate as generously as you can right now.

If we can raise $10,000 (£8,000), we can rush funds to cover rebuilding and repair efforts, as well as emergency supplies for the hungry, scared and displaced wild animals in GWCI’s care.

PLEASE make an impact NOW. Please HELP by donating as much as possible right now.

Your support will be a lifeline to so many animals who have nothing and no one else.

Saving animals and the planet,


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P.S. Right now, rescued wild animals like pangolins have lost their haven in Nigeria, as flash floods surged through Lagos and all but destroyed our partner’s sanctuary. We MUST rush emergency supplies to help provide food, medical care and temporary shelter to these rescued wild animals. Your donation will really help. Please, donate as much as you possibly can right now.

Banner credit: GWCI

Critical pangolin sanctuary UNDER WATER.

Please help animals

Your donations help us do our vital work to protect and save animals around the world!