We helped SAVE SIX BABY PANGOLINS! Finally, they are about to be RELEASED!

In August, we told you about the rescue of five baby pangolins whose mothers were slaughtered for the illegal bushmeat market in Lagos, Nigeria. A few weeks later, a mother and her newborn baby were also rescued. Sadly, the newborn died, but this meant that the Saint Mark’s Animal Hospital and Shelter team now had six pangolins’ lives in their hands. They turned to Animal Survival International (ASI) for help.

Thanks to you, Saint Mark’s managed to save the lives of all six pangolins. Your donations ensured they were provided with constant medical attention, specialized milk formula and around-the-clock care.

But the job is not over!
We must now keep these babies safe as they are released into the wild.
We need your help in keeping these six pangolins safe!

We helped SAVE SIX BABY PANGOLINS! Finally, they are about to be RELEASED!

The rescued pangolins are ready to be returned to the wild to ensure there will be new generations of these gentle creatures. But we need to help Saint Mark’s buy six GPS trackers, one for each pangolin. The trackers will allow the Saint Mark’s team to monitor their movements at all times – any unusual movement that indicates poachers may have caught them will be flagged and investigated. It is critical that we prevent them from becoming victims of the meat market in Nigeria.

We helped SAVE SIX BABY PANGOLINS! Finally, they are about to be RELEASED!
A pangolin being boiled alive in Lagos, Nigeria

Your help could be the difference between life and death for these pangolins!

We must urgently raise $4,300 (£3,250) to provide Saint Mark’s Animal Hospital and Shelter with the six GPS trackers. These pangolins will be EXTREMELY VULNERABLE once they are released. Nigeria is at the center of Africa’s illegal wildlife and bushmeat trade. Corruption and a lack of law enforcement have made it nearly impossible to shut down the illegal bushmeat market in Nigeria. This has resulted in hundreds of pangolins in desperate need of being rescued and rehabilitated.

Pangolins are the most trafficked mammals in the world.
Please donate today and help us save these six!

We helped SAVE SIX BABY PANGOLINS! Finally, they are about to be RELEASED!
Pangolin scales being sold in Nigeria

Pangolin scales and meat are in high demand in Asia which has accelerated the species to become the most trafficked mammal in the world! Saint Mark’s is the ONLY animal rescue center in Nigeria’s capital city of Lagos. Each year, the number of rescued animals brought to Saint Mark’s is growing. Founder, Mark Ofua, has made it his mission to save as many wild animals as he can from the many illegal markets…

But, for Mark to continue his mission, he needs our help to ensure the safety of the pangolins after they have been released into the wild. Please donate today so that our work to save these animals from being slaughtered and ending up in the illegal bushmeat market can continue.

Saving animals and the planet,

Animal Survival International

P.S. We cannot abandon the pangolins now when they need us most. We want to put our heads on our pillows at night knowing that all six pangolins are safe from poachers, don’t you? Please donate today!

Images: Banner & Image 1: Saint Mark’s Animal Hospital and Shelter; Image 2: Reuters_ Seun Sami; Image 3: Samuel Ogundipe _ The Premium Times

We helped SAVE SIX BABY PANGOLINS! Finally, they are about to be RELEASED!

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