HURRY! Animal wildfire victims in Greece need HELP!

HURRY! Animal wildfire victims in Greece need HELP!

Thousands of people have fled infernos on the island of Rhodes in Greece as wildfires sweep the country for a seventh day. Crete is expected to go up in flames next and the fires near Athens can reignite at any time

The week-long blazes, fueled by various factors, including the longest heatwave in the country’s history, have devastated wildlife populations.

HURRY! Animal wildfire victims in Greece need HELP!Credit: EFE_EPA_LefterisDamianidis

Animals are in the most dire of trouble right now. And they are waiting for a lifeline from you.

Greece is burning, people have fled – WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMALS?

Since the fires broke out a week ago, cities and islands have been littered with the charred remains of dogs, owls and rabbits. Searing temperatures have left birds falling from the sky in exhaustion, dehydrated and almost dead. Next year, it is likely that there will be a greatly reduced swallow migration to Africa, as now is the species’ hatching season, and chicks are perishing in the untenable heat.

HURRY! Animal wildfire victims in Greece need HELP!Credit: AFP

The fires are thought to be a result of hot, dry conditions and possibly arson, but whatever the reason, the result is the same: thousands upon thousands of trapped and helpless animals who, without our help, have no chance of survival.

Upwards of 40,000 people have been evacuated since the start of the disaster, by air and by boat. Tragically, for wildlife whose habitats are going up in flames, there is no evacuation without YOUR HELP right now.

Right now, our partners are risking their lives to reach animals trapped by flames.

Emergency rescue supplies are running out and we urgently need your help!

HURRY! Animal wildfire victims in Greece need HELP!Credit: Twitter/NiallOLaughlin

In crises like these, we are always on the ground – even as others flee – because we know this is when animals need us most. The minute it is safe to do so, we rush into disaster zones and bring out terrified, injured animals. It is these rescue missions that save countless animal lives.

We are working with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (ANIMA), which has rescued dogs, tortoises, snakes and owls, among other species, and they have sent a team to burning Rhodes to begin the evacuation of animals there. We and our partners are doing our level best to respond to ‘hundreds’ of calls every day from people finding injured animals desperate for help, and supplies are rapidly running out.

HURRY! Animal wildfire victims in Greece need HELP!Credit: ANIMA

Among the many creatures saved is a young owl in Crete, discovered a ‘vast graveyard’ of burnt tortoises (among which 11 were miraculously alive), and has rescued countless other creatures from blackened wastelands. Many animals have suffered burns and the effects of smoke inhalation, and with temperatures of up to 46℃ (114.8°F), animals are also at risk of succumbing to severe heat.

Birds are gulping SEAWATER in a futile attempt to stay cool as fire infernos destroy their homes. We MUST help – RIGHT NOW!

During rescues, large birds such as pelicans and vultures have shown symptoms of poisoning which rescuers believe may be a result of swallowing large amounts of seawater in a desperate attempt to stay cool.

HURRY! Animal wildfire victims in Greece need HELP!Credit: ANIMA

The number of animals needing help remains unquantifiable but they number in their thousands and without our partner, they stand little chance against blistering fires, relentless heat waves and unprecedented loss of their habitat.

Please help right now by donating any amount you can, no matter how large or small, so our team can race into disaster zones the moment it is possible, rescue terrified, traumatized and trapped animals, and provide critical treatment to those on the brink of death.

The animals’ lives are in YOUR hands right now, so please donate as much as you possibly can today.

Saving animals and the planet,

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P.S. What is happening is a catastrophe for wildlife. Will you join us today in supporting rescue efforts? It is only with the help of animal lovers like you that wild animals stand a fighting chance of survival. Please, donate now.

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HURRY! Animal wildfire victims in Greece need HELP!

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