Good News! Water Flows for the Baby Animals of South Africa’s Addo National Park

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A few weeks ago, we told you about the terrible drought that continues to plague the animals of Addo National Park in South Africa. The situation was becoming critical, with baby season arriving and not enough water available for the hundreds of calves and foals that will be born.

Animal Survival International (ASI) has already installed four state-of-the-art solar-powered water pumps in strategic points of the park to help the animals survive. But as summer temperatures begin to soar, these waterholes have become overcrowded. The biggest, strongest animals dominate, leaving baby animals no chance to access the life-giving water.

To remedy this, the animals urgently needed even more water. We reached out to our supporters and you responded generously! Thanks to you, we were able to rush funds for the purchase and installation of two additional solar systems and water pumps to bring life-giving water to the animals.

The ASI team was on the ground in Addo National Park for the installation and watched as cool, fresh, clean water flowed into two waterholes for the first time in years. Now, mother elephants, zebras, warthogs and more will have enough water to produce milk for their babies. We are still hopeful that the terrible drought will come to an end soon, but for now, the animals are safe from the threat of dying of thirst.

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