Wildlife trade HORROR! We must stop those who put a price tag on priceless species!

Over the past few weeks we have told you about creatures that don’t usually get any public attention, but all are vitally important to our planet. They are all currently being exterminated in a variety of horrific, cruel ways. Without your help, they will soon vanish from this world entirely.

Sophisticated criminal networks are driving wildlife to extinction, but governments must start taking responsibility too.

The tragic plight of wild animals, viewed simply as pawns for profit, CANNOT BE IGNORED!

It’s OUR move now! Checkmating governments and lobbying the opponent is the only way to win this fight.

The wildlife trade is fuelled by gluttony and greed, and riddled with gaping loopholes exploited at every twist and turn.

If we don’t act now, many unheralded but vitally important creatures will be GONE FOREVER!

Wildlife trade HORROR! We must stop those who put a price tag on priceless species!

Most people already know that elephants and tigers are endangered, but many are not aware that frogs, pangolins and pythons are being wiped out at breath-taking speeds with possibly catastrophic consequences to our planet.

  • In Europe and the United States, an exploding exotic pet trade sees glass frogs plucked from tropical rainforests and stuffed into tiny glass containers, destined for the pet trade. The cruelty inflicted on frogs when they are barbarically slaughtered for the sick thrill of diners, or their use in cosmetics, is blatant, abhorrent, and dangerous.  Frogs play a vital role in the food chain, as both predators and prey. Their diet includes mosquitoes, lowering the transmission risk of killer diseases including Dengue fever, malaria, West Nile fever, and Zika.
  • Most people don’t even know what a pangolin is – nor that this shy, nocturnal creature is the most trafficked and hunted animal in the world. More than one million pangolins have been poached or trafficked in the past decade alone! All eight pangolin species are classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as being threatened or vulnerable, and two are critically endangered. It’s only a matter of time before all the pangolins have gone. Pangolins are being killed in a variety of cruel ways and then cooked, sometimes while they are still alive.

To make it worse, pangolins are incubators for zoonotic diseases including the deadly COVID pandemic!

Wildlife trade HORROR! We must stop those who put a price tag on priceless species!


  • Beautiful Royal pythons are being chopped up for bushmeat, medicines, and their skins. There is a very large market for them in the pet trade. They are sold and stuck in glass tanks for the rest of their days. Would you call this a life? This global trade is a ticking time bomb for humans too.

Wildlife trade HORROR! We must stop those who put a price tag on priceless species!

There is absolutely no regard, nor compassion, for the innocent lives destroyed along every chain of the wildlife trade.

The world has a chance to make things right.

Why aren’t the authorities paying attention?

Because frogs don’t vote. Pangolins don’t vote. Pythons don’t vote.

We must be the voice for these and other defenceless creatures who, without us, will suffer endless cruelty until there are none left to torture. Please donate today so that can fight on behalf of some of the most defenceless creatures in the world. We need to act now!

The wildlife trade must stop. Existing laws are not being enforced. Please help us put pressure on politicians and law enforcement agencies to do their job. With your support, we will keep piling on the pressure until governments crack and ban the barbaric international trade in wild creatures once and for all.

Saving animals and the planet,

Chief Campaigner
Animal Survival International

P.S. Every time you say NO to the wildlife trade, you make a positive difference to our environment. PAL needs your help to spread awareness about an impending global disaster. Please give generously so we can lobby these governments to change their laws that allow for this brutal trade to continue. Wild animals belong in the wild!

Wildlife trade HORROR! We must stop those who put a price tag on priceless species!

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