This eight-week-old wildebeest orphan really needs you!

This eight-week-old wildebeest orphan really needs you!

When wildebeest calf Wanda was just two months old, she was found lying beside the lifeless, mutilated body of her mother, who was tragically killed by a cruel wire snare in South Africa.

This eight-week-old wildebeest orphan really needs you!Credit: ASI/Taryn-Slabbert

Heartbreakingly, orphan Wanda stayed faithfully by her mother’s side for days, repeatedly headbutting her in an attempt to suckle without realizing that she was already dead.

Wanda and her mother are among the most recent victims of brutal, noose-like traps, which are ruthlessly laid by wildlife traffickers and bushmeat poachers across Africa to hunt and kill precious wild animals.

It was too late for Wanda’s mother, but with your help today, we can give her calf the second chance she deserves.

This eight-week-old wildebeest orphan really needs you!Credit: ASI/Taryn-Slabbert

Please help us support the rehabilitation of orphaned wildebeest calf Wanda.

Our partner, the Umoya Khulula Wildlife Center in Limpopo, South Africa, specializes in rehabilitating orphaned indigenous wildlife and is ready to nurse little Wanda back to health. But they cannot do it without your support today.

Wanda needs intensive care and a special milk formula to ensure her healthy growth and well-being, but the formula is costly and hard to find in this area.

Each day, Wanda consumes 1.3 gallons (five liters) of this vital milk – a cost that quickly adds up. Because she was separated from her mother at such a young age, this little fighter will need milk and probiotic additives for the next six months to receive the nourishment she needs to grow, get stronger and eventually be released back into the wild.

This eight-week-old wildebeest orphan really needs you!For illustration purposes only. Wanda never got the chance to be cared for and nourished by her mother during her critical developmental months.

A wildebeest calf suckles from its mother for at least four months and females usually remain in the same herds as their mothers for life. Unfortunately, Wanda does not have this chance and is relying on animal lovers like you to help care for her in this critical stage of her development.

If we can raise $3,000 (£2,400), we can purchase enough special milk formula to feed Wanda for the next six months, so she will be ready to join her new herd.

This eight-week-old wildebeest orphan really needs you!Credit: ASI/Taryn-Slabbert

Wildebeest are sociable, playful animals that rely on one another for survival. After six months of rehabilitation, Wanda will be integrated into a new herd and released into a protected, predator-free nature reserve where she can live out the rest of her days in peace.

Can Wanda count on you today for her second chance?

Umoya Khulula is being inundated with orphaned wild animals. Should we exceed our fundraising goal, your generosity will benefit other young animals in our partner’s care – animals like Bagheera, a two-week-old large-spotted genet who was orphaned after falling from his nest during the terrible heatwaves ravaging Limpopo.

This eight-week-old wildebeest orphan really needs you!Credit: ASI/Taryn-Slabbert

The resilience of brave souls like Wanda and Bagheera warms our hearts. But to continue facing this cruel world with such courage, they need you.

Please donate as generously as you can to Animal Survival International today. Your donation will help us give sweet Wanda and other orphaned wild animals like her the critical care they need to survive so they can be released back into the wild where they belong.

Saving animals and the planet,

Baby elephants are being ORPHANED as mothers die from drought.

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P.S. Wildebeest are a brave, iconic species vital to the delicate balance of the African ecosystem. At ASI, we believe in the value of every animal’s life. Today, we urgently need your help to support Wanda, an orphaned wildebeest calf in desperate need of our compassion. Please donate right now.

Credit: ASI/Taryn-Slabbert

This eight-week-old wildebeest orphan really needs you!

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