Two pangolins are DEAD in awful circumstances.

Two pangolins are DEAD in awful circumstances.

In the past month, we were alerted to some of the most horrific acts of wildlife crime: a pangolin covered in oil and burn wounds after being transported in a car engine by poachers. A pangolin dumped in a pit toilet by heartless criminals. A pangolin and her unborn baby stolen from the wild by thoughtless students for “educational” purposes, only to suffer terribly in captivity.

Two pangolins are DEAD in awful circumstances.Credit: Ashleigh Pienaar

In South Africa, the plight of pangolins has reached unprecedented and heart-wrenching heights.

The relentless threats of accidental electrocution, habitat loss and rampant poaching for the illegal wildlife trade are pushing vulnerable and endangered pangolin populations to the brink of extinction. They desperately need every bit of help they can get – and they need it right now.

We must ACT NOW to protect pangolins.

Two pangolins are DEAD in awful circumstances.Credit: TRAFFIC

Two pangolins in our partner’s care died within DAYS of each other.

Our partner in South Africa, Umoya Khulula Wildlife Centre, alerted us to two particularly horrendous cases of abuse.

Two pangolins are DEAD in awful circumstances.Paul suffered a vicious snare wound on his leg and arrived covered in human excrement. Sadly, he did not survive the severe infection that followed.

Credit: Umoya Khulula

Paul, an eight-year-old Temminck’s ground pangolin, arrived covered in human excrement, riddled with infection to a vicious snare wound on his leg. He had been abducted from the wild and dumped in a putrid pit toilet, likely hidden by poachers.

After festering in feces for days on end, Paul quickly became severely infected, dehydrated, and emaciated. Despite intensive veterinary care and daily tube feeding after being rescued, Paul was not strong enough to overcome the infection that riddled his small, weak body.

Tragically, he was not the only tortured pangolin to lose his life last month.

Two pangolins are DEAD in awful circumstances.As she fought to break free from her cage, Nova experienced severe claw damage which sadly led to necrosis.

Credit: Umoya Khulula

Shockingly, Nova – a PREGNANT female pangolin – was snatched from freedom by students and kept CAGED at a local educational institution, just to be poked and prodded at like an experiment. Nova gave birth not in her natural wild environment, but in a cruel cage. The case is currently being investigated by local authorities.

A heinous “experiment” cost both Nova and her newborn baby their lives.

The situation for pangolins like Paul and Nova is beyond horrific. With your help right now, we can fight to prevent more pangolins from suffering and dying needlessly.

Two pangolins are DEAD in awful circumstances.Credit: AP

Can they count on your help right now?

Together with our partner, we are on the frontlines of the battle. Umoya Khulula specializes in the care of sick and injured wildlife, and they receive up to five severely compromised pangolins every month.

Our team is experienced in rehabilitating pangolins, even though these sensitive creatures are notoriously difficult to treat, particularly when they have endured prolonged captivity. Tragically, we often encounter scenarios where the survival of rescued pangolins remains beyond our reach.

Two pangolins are DEAD in awful circumstances.Credit: Umoya Khulula

If we can raise $6,000 (£4,900), we will help cover the cost of specialized veterinary treatment and rehabilitation for the rescued pangolins in Umoya Khulula’s care.

Please, donate RIGHT NOW and help us reach vulnerable animals who have a slim chance of survival without YOU.

Most rescued pangolins require months of specialized care before they can be released into safe, protected areas. When they are ready for release, satellite and telemetry tags are fixed and they are accompanied to the release site for “soft release.” They are monitored for a minimum of six months to a year to ensure their successful reintegration into the wild.

Two pangolins are DEAD in awful circumstances.Credit: Umoya Khulula

Your donation today can make a significant difference in our efforts to save pangolins from suffering and extinction. With your support, we can provide the care and treatment necessary to give these creatures a fighting chance to survive, heal and thrive in safe wild spaces, where they belong.

Please, donate generously to Animal Survival International NOW.

Saving animals and the planet,

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Animal Survival International

Saving animals and the planet,


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As animal lovers, it has been a heart-wrenching month. But we will keep fighting for pangolins like Paul and Nova. We have success stories and heartbreaks, and with your URGENT donation right now, we will do our very best to ensure that sick and injured pangolins in our partner’s care get the best possible chance at survival.

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Two pangolins are DEAD in awful circumstances.

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