Lion breeding facility SHUT DOWN. The survivors need you.

Lion breeding facility SHUT DOWN. The survivors need you.

A breeding facility that imprisoned 70 wild animals in appalling caged conditions has been shut down. We need YOUR help to get the animals out of their unsuitable enclosures.

Lion breeding facility SHUT DOWN. The survivors need you.Credit: Lions Foundation

We’re reaching out to you today because we know we can always count on you to be there for wild animals – especially those who have suffered terribly at the hands of humans.

70 wild animals saved from a zoo and breeding facility must get OUT of their tiny cages and enclosures. Please help now!

Lion breeding facility SHUT DOWN. The survivors need you.Credit: SAPS

Our partner, the Lions Foundation in South Africa, has bought a cruel breeding center where, for years, several different species were bred for commercial gain. Newborn animals, including lions and leopards, were snatched from their mothers and habituated for human entertainment, like petting zoo experiences. Adult animals, particularly big cats, were sold for trophy hunting, private owners, zoos or for their body parts to be used in unproven traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It was sheer hell for animals who ought to have been living free in the wild.

After the facility was shut down, you helped us rush critical veterinary care to the animals. Now that their most immediate medical needs have been addressed, we must do everything we can to get them larger enclosures.

Lion breeding facility SHUT DOWN. The survivors need you.Hugo, (center) before he was rescued by the Lions Foundation.

Credit: Lions Foundation

SHOCKING: Lions, caracals and a leopard are among 70 animals rescued from a ghastly breeding facility.

Help give them a second chance at life!

Lions Foundation rescues wild animals from circuses, zoos, private ownership, and breeding facilities – animals who have experienced the very worst of human cruelty – and gives them lifetime sanctuary in large areas that emulate the wild.

Lion breeding facility SHUT DOWN. The survivors need you.This image is not from the ex-breeding facility, but a zoo where a now-rescued lion was being held.

Credit: Lions Foundation

Animals like Hugo – an elderly lion rescued from a German circus. He and four other lions were all used for cruel entertainment, and all his siblings met tragic ends: two of his brothers were euthanized due to growth problems as a result of improper veterinary care. Two others developed tumors and were put to sleep. Hugo, the last survivor, has now found safe sanctuary at Lions Foundation, where each day, he comes to eat and then disappears into the big enclosure and rests, enjoying his retirement as he deserves.

Lion breeding facility SHUT DOWN. The survivors need you.

For illustration purposes only: Simba, a lion rescued by the Lions Foundation from a zoo in Serbia.

Credit: Lions Foundation

The 70 animals rescued from the breeding facility will now be able to enjoy the same freedom as Hugo – if we can raise the funds for larger enclosures.

Wild animals will remain at the ex-breeding facility, but their quality of life will be enhanced, and no more human interaction will be allowed.

They URGENTLY and DESPERATELY need larger enclosures to experience the freedom they’ve NEVER had. Please, will you help them?

As you can imagine, rescuing 70 wild animals is an expensive undertaking – but we know you will agree it is worth it for animals who deserve so much better than lives in captivity.

Lion breeding facility SHUT DOWN. The survivors need you.For illustration purposes only: Another image of Simba, who was rescued from a zoo, shows just how awful the illegal pet trade for entertainment and breeding can be.

Credit: Lions Foundation

Help us give them spacious enclosures and comfortable, happy lives.

If we can raise $20,000 (around £16,400), we can help Lions Foundation build carefully designed predator enclosures to give their newly rescued lions, jackals, caracals, leopard and hyenas room to roam, enjoy the sunshine and live a life as close to the wild as possible.

It will also help create appropriate spaces for their rescued porcupines, meerkat, civets, servals, African wild cat, painted dogs, Cape genet, aardwolf and water mongoose, all among the 70 recently rescued. They so badly need and deserve a place to call home. Help them put the memory of the awful breeding facility behind them.

Saving animals and the planet,

Caught in a snare, ‘Najam’ the lioness suffered horribly for FOUR DAYS. We can save wild animals from snares. <u><strong>Please, will you help us</u>?</strong>

Campaign Director
Animal Survival International

P.S. With your help today, we will give new lives to 70 wild animals saved from an atrocious breeding facility in South Africa. Your donation now will get them out of their cramped enclosures and into the bright, spacious, species-specific areas that will give them the freedom they deserve. These animals have endured horrendous suffering – please donate now to give them the peaceful lives they deserve.

Banner credit: Lions Foundation

Lion breeding facility SHUT DOWN. The survivors need you.

Please help animals

Your donations help us do our vital work to protect and save animals around the world!