Scientists LINK barbaric trade in gentle pangolins to Covid-19 pandemic!

Scientists LINK barbaric trade in gentle pangolins to Covid-19 pandemic!

We have told you before about the horrific international trade that is pushing pangolins to the brink of extinction and spreading deadly diseases to humans. We drew attention to the danger of pangolin-human disease transmission in April last year, well before the corona crisis began. The authorities refused to listen and the result is that more than 600,000 people have died of Covid-19. Scientists tell us pangolins were involved in the transmission of the disease to humans. This means:

The pangolin trade is fundamentally linked to 600,000 human deaths!

That’s right, because of greedy traders illegally killing and selling these helpless, endangered animals for meat or traditional medicine, more than 600,000 people are dead!

For the sake of humanity, it is time to raise our voices about the danger that this senseless trade places us all in!

We MUST not allow it to continue!
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Scientists LINK barbaric trade in gentle pangolins to Covid-19 pandemic!

We ignore this at our peril, yet so many countries are not taking it seriously. In China, where Covid-19 first spread from animals to humans via pangolins, the government promised to stop the use of pangolins in traditional Chinese medicine and make them a protected species.

What really happened? The trade continues under ill-defined “special circumstances” and pangolins are still legally used in eight patented medicines and 72 traditional ones.

We need to band together and urge governments to tighten laws and pressure law enforcement agencies to increase their efforts to catch smugglers. We must do it because the massive use of pangolin scales in Chinese traditional medicine is fast driving them towards extinction.

As if that isn’t bad enough, there is the nightmare of pangolin-eating.

Pangolins are bludgeoned, broken and tossed alive into boiling water… for lunch!

Pangolins are eaten in restaurants across Asia. The owners take a live pangolin, bludgeon it until its internal organs are pulp and it’s a mass of blood, then they toss it into a cauldron of boiling water.

The cruelty is so barbaric that it boggles the mind!

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We must continue our work to raise public awareness about the outrageous cruelty involved in the pangolin trade and the dire consequences for humanity. With you on our side, ASI will continue to fight this monstrous cruelty. Your donation in any amount will help.

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P.S. To clear-thinking civilized people nothing could be more obvious than this vicious, unbearably cruel trade must be banned! It’s wiping out gentle, harmless creatures, damaging the environment, and killing hundreds of thousands of people. It will only be stopped if animal lovers like you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us and fight it! Please help us by giving generously today.

Scientists LINK barbaric trade in gentle pangolins to Covid-19 pandemic!

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