Unable to respond to animals in need! Time is running out!

We’ve told you before that an estimated 3,000 snares have been set around the unfenced Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe – so many that the very survival of entire populations is threatened. Lying in wait, these cruel devices trap and strangle animals, causing severe pain, injury and ultimately death.

Our partner in Zimbabwe, DART (Dete Animal Rescue Trust) is a dedicated team that works around the clock to remove snares and rescue injured animals in the Hwange area. But now, DART faces an emergency that is preventing them from doing this vital work!

The organization’s only two vehicles, vital for its operation, are out of working order and need costly repairs. Without these vehicles, the team cannot respond to emergency calls to rescue snared and injured wild animals.

Unable to respond to animals in need! Time is running out!

We must help DART continue saving animal lives.

It will cost $4,800 (£3,500) to repair the vehicles and get them back on the road. Every day they are out of action means more suffering for animals trapped in snares. Please donate generously today so we can get help to the animals RIGHT NOW.

The snares are primitive, yet deadly. Made with any available material such as telephone wire, steel fencing wire, nylon rope, electrical cable, and even braided tree bark – the Hwange area has become a lethal killing zone for wild animals.

Unable to respond to animals in need! Time is running out!

Even elephants and lions aren’t spared the torture and possible death caused by deadly snares.

We cannot ignore the suffering Hwange’s wild animals are enduring.

We need your help to save Zimbabwe’s already endangered wildlife from being caught by these deadly devices.

Without DART able to do its job, hundreds of animals who become trapped by snares will die long, painful deaths. Or the few lucky enough to get away will live with horrific festering wounds that, in the end, will also kill them.

Each life saved is hope for an entire species.

Several years ago, DART saved a snared female cheetah on the verge of death. Thankfully, the team got to her just in time and managed to treat and release her. A short time ago, we received news from DART that this cheetah had recently given birth to a SECOND LITTER of cubs since her rescue! These babies have increased Hwange’s critically endangered cheetah population by 25%.

Unable to respond to animals in need! Time is running out!

This goes to show how vital DART’s work is. Please help us get them back in action. We have no time to lose.

With snares, no animal is safe. Endangered creatures such as wild dogs, lions and elephants are at risk of being caught, tortured and killed. The animals of the national park roam free, crossing main roads, even passing through villages. Every step they take is a possible disaster waiting to happen. They need the assistance and life support that DART gives them.

Please, help us today to support DART and save indiscriminately snared animals from excruciating pain, prolonged suffering and death. Donate as generously as you can – together we can get DART back on the road.

Saving animals and the planet,

Animal Survival International

P.S. There are animals in need of rescue RIGHT NOW! Please donate today and help us stop the suffering and killing.

Unable to respond to animals in need! Time is running out!

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