GOOD NEWS UPDATE: Giraffe relocation success!

Article written by Shannon Edwards

Remember the four giraffes living in unsuitable conditions on a small piece of land in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province? We have an update you’ve been waiting for! 

Last week, little calf Mallow was successfully relocated to a beautiful private game reserve nearby. Thanks to your generosity, we covered the full cost of her capture and move. 

Our wildlife veterinarian and game capture specialist on the ground orchestrated Mallow’s relocation with expert precision and meticulous care. Now, the little calf has enough food and space to roam freely and is thriving with her new herd - all thanks to your support.

While the three adult giraffes unfortunately cannot be moved due to the significant risk of injury or death, the compassionate couple who owns the original property has opened their hearts to the animals, and is prepared to allow them to live out the rest of their days there.

We will continue to support their care, providing supplementary feed and implementing a tick management program. Our wildlife vet will also ensure the giraffe bull receives regular contraception to prevent more calves from being born into unsuitable conditions. 

It is disappointing that we could not relocate the giraffes as a family, but our priority is ALWAYS the animals’ safety. The good news is that you have given Mallow a chance at a long and happy life. Thank you for making this possible. 

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