Addo Drought Still Raging! Here’s How We’re Helping.

The most severe drought in 100 years is having a devastating effect on animals at Addo Elephant National Park, in South Africa. Hundreds of elephants and countless other animals are struggling to survive as the lack of rain takes its toll.

That’s why we stepped in. Critical waterholes had dried up. Thanks to your support, we’ve managed to raise enough funds to buy two state-of-the-art solar-powered water pumps to keep two important waterholes full. Because of our ASI supporters, the animals will now have access to fresh water - day and night!

Because of our ASI supporters, the animals will now have access to fresh water – day and night!

When we first visited the drought area, a terrible scene unfolded before our eyes. Animals were fighting, kicking and even gravely injuring each other, to get a drop of water.

Addo’s old water pumps could not keep up with the animals’ need. A single elephant drinks over 50 gallons (200 liters) of water every day. And not only that, they need even more to stay cool and do what elephants do - wallow in the mud.

The need was urgent, and we and SANParks (the South African organization that runs Addo) acted immediately. Pumps were installed within a few days.

With temperatures soaring to well over 38.5 degrees Celsius (100°F), we journeyed back into the Park to witness the installation of the first pump at the Peasland waterhole.

The relief was almost ASIpable as fresh water gushed out, filling the once bone-dry waterhole with cool, clean water. Within moments, animals began to emerge from the dry thicket and headed straight for the water - hesitantly at first, almost disbelieving. We watched, with joy, as dozens of animals, family by family, youngsters and adults, took their place at the waterhole to drink to their hearts’ content. Animals even started to run towards the water, unable to contain the urge to quench their long-endured thirst.

Addo’s Park Manager, Nick de Goede, says the relief of having consistent water means the animals will no longer be stressed. Instead of standing for hours in the baking heat, hoping for a drop of water, they can now resume normal healthy behavior of feeding and drinking.

Our second solar pump is now being installed at one of the elephants’ favorite watering spots, the Marion Baree waterhole. And once again there will be enough water for these elephants to drink, wallow and bathe as they need to.

Again, we are ever so grateful to you, our supporters, for your invaluable generosity to help us save these animals.

The drought shows no sign of breaking, and so we have no doubt that any day now we will be asked to step in again. If you can possibly donate to give thirsty animals a drink of water, they would surely be very thankful. After all, for them it’s a matter of life or death.

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