Track pangolins 💪Stop poachers!

Track pangolins 💪Stop poachers!

Five critically endangered pangolins, including a tiny baby and a very sick adult, have just been rescued in the nick of time from a horror meat market in Lao, Asia.

Track pangolins 💪Stop poachers!Pancake the critically endangered pangolin receiving life-saving care at LCTW. Anti-poaching devices will enable our team to apprehend poachers in their tracks.

Credit: LCTW

The animals were rescued during an investigation into the illegal wildlife trade in the country, which sees hundreds of thousands of animals slaughtered every year for bogus “traditional medicine”, jewelry, trinkets, and unfounded virility potions.

The pangolin poaching crisis is REAL, and if we do not act NOW, the species could be gone forever.

We have a plan to help.

Sick, starving and dehydrated, the fragile animals were rushed to the care of our partner, the Lao Conservation Trust for Wildlife (LCTW).

Track pangolins 💪Stop poachers!Credit: LCTW

All the rescued pangolins are of the critically endangered Sunda and Chinese sub-species, relentlessly hunted for their meat, skins and scales in Asia. It is estimated that 80% of Sunda pangolins have been wiped out by poaching, while the population of Chinese pangolins is expected to plummet by 80% by 2040.

You will be relieved to know that LCTW works closely with law enforcement to rescue pangolins and bring poachers to book.

Track pangolins 💪Stop poachers!Credit: LCTW

The rescued creatures were all saved in the capital of Vientiane during an undercover investigation. A sixth was later saved by local government authorities.

As this important investigative and prosecution work continues, the plight of the six rescued animals is currently critical.

Track pangolins 💪Stop poachers!Image for illustrative purposes only. Credit: Wikipedia

Pancake, a Chinese pangolin, is receiving intensive care after arriving terrified, starving and dehydrated. She was named ‘Pancake’ because she lies so flat – clearly weak and severely traumatized after her horrendous ordeal.

The other survivors – all Sunda pangolins – include a baby, juveniles and adults. The infant pangopup is still suckling from its mother, and all are receiving critical care at the sanctuary.

We have a way to help our partner NAB POACHERS and protect pangolins from being poached – please, help us implement it now!

Once the pangolins have recovered from their nightmare ordeal, they will be released back into their natural environment.

Track pangolins 💪Stop poachers!Credit: LCTW

We know you will agree that they MUST be protected at all costs once released. That is exactly what we plan to do with your help today.

If we can raise $15,000 (around £11,880), LCTW can fit each of the pangolins with hi-tech tracking devices prior to their release, which will immediately alert the team if a pangolin is snared or caught by a poacher as it is being transported. These advanced tracking solutions are already being used to great success by our anti-poaching partners in Africa.

Should a pangolin be caught, the device will send an instant alert to its exact location, enabling the team to race into action, rescue the animal, and catch the perpetrators. The devices also monitor the animals’ breathing, heart rate and pace of movement to alert the team immediately to anything out of the ordinary.

If enough money can be raised, our partner will also be able to install hidden devices throughout the forest that detect the presence and exact location of any mobile phones entering the area – almost guaranteed to be hunters or poachers. An immediate alarm will be sent, and the on-site team will be dispatched to thwart the poachers in their tracks.

It is the advanced protection pangolins urgently needAND DESERVEright now.

Track pangolins 💪Stop poachers!Credit: LCTW

It is not enough to rehabilitate pangolins – we MUST ALSO track poachers and keep pangolins safe in the wild!

Will you help critically endangered pangolins today?

Your support now will help us protect pangolins in Lao – so please be part of the solution! Donate right away, and help us give pangolins their safety and freedom – and poachers the penalties they deserve!

Saving animals and the planet,

Caught in a snare, ‘Najam’ the lioness suffered horribly for FOUR DAYS. We can save wild animals from snares. <u><strong>Please, will you help us</u>?</strong>

General Manager
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P.S. Please help us implement an effective anti-poaching tracking solution in Lao, Asia, to protect pangolins in the wild and bring poachers to book! Your support today will enable our partner to receive immediate alerts if a pangolin is snared, caught or transported, save its life, and nab poachers in their tracks! Donate right away to support this critical conservation and anti-crime project for pangolins in Asia.

Banner credit: LCTW

Track pangolins 💪Stop poachers!

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